Our online academy features 6 sections, each designed to take you to the next level of your BJJ online training. Depending on whether you choose to follow the student path or the instructor path, you will learn the first four, with the fifth being reserved solely for teachers.

Core Concepts
All the concepts you need to fully understand Brazilian JiuJitsu and how to focus your training for maximum results.

BJJ 101
Our fundamentals curriculum that builds a proper foundation of efficient movement patterns while teaching you the essential positions in BJJ, and how to control or escape them.

BJJ 201
Our advanced curriculum that includes all of our guard and submission control modules.

BJJ 301 (Instructor Membership only)
BJJ 301 is an advanced course featuring lessons on how to combine modules from the 201 and 101 courses, as well as Game Development and Tactics & Strategy Guides. It is accessible to subscribers with an Instructor Membership.

Our proprietary drilling and situational rolling system that skyrockets your effectiveness with the most critical skills necessary for elite grappling.

Pedagogy (Instructor Membership only)
This section is for instructors, or those looking to become instructors. We will take you through how to build communication skills, design lesson plans or class structures, encourage proper training attitude and maintain safety. We will also give you unparalleled insight into the use of movie references, song references, and politically incorrect humor to entertain your students and discourage horrible people from coming to your school and ruining the vibe.

Check out our sample videos below to get a feel for how we do things, and if you like them, go ahead and give us some money. Your online training begins now!

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Here’s a few sample lessons :